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Nova Salon Systems - Campbell, Ca - Major Overhaul - Completed July 2005
Nova Salon Systems is a mid-market distributor of professional-only hair care products in Campbell, Ca. The steady growth in business over the past several years has left Nova in a position many companies find themselves in...we need better equipment, more flexibility and need to become more self-service when it comes to our communication equipment and setup. Their solution? Contact Livewire Communications.

A specific list of requirements
Nova Salon Systems' requirements were quite clear. "Our current phone and network setup was a mess, so we decided to build a secure phone/server room, and have our entire building re-cabled. In addition, our phone and voicemail servers were in desperate need of upgrades" reports Mark Mammini - Vice President of Operations. "We contaced Livewire Communications to assist us in the planning and implementation of the new systems, and believe me, we made the right choice. Jeff and his staff sat down and listened to our complaints, and came back with a solution-driven plan that was not only do-able, but affordable!"

The work was complete...
After several weeks of work, coordinated with the construction vendor hired to build the new equipment room, the plan was complete. The end result? Nova now has a 4-receptacle dynamic port plate at every workstation and in every office, enabling them to "plug & play" many types of communication devices (phone, fax, PC to name a few), a patch-panel based phone room which allows them to connect any type of device to the hardware it needs (T1 line, network switch, etc). Nova's Customer Service Managers can now record calls on the fly for training and quality control, users phone extensions can be moved from one physical location to another, right from an administrator's phone. "The reporting capabilites we gained from our ACD reporting software are invaluable in assessing the performance of our CSR's and the Customer Service Department as a whole - we should have done this a long time ago" Mr. Mammini now reports. "The entire project was completed on time, under budget, without a minute of downtime."